The BlackBerry is revolutionizing the handheld computing and mobile connectivity market, It was developed for Business and Personal Productivity. Let us help you join the Smartphone development wave, with cost-effective and successful solutions.

Our industry expertise and technical capabilities in BlackBerry application development allows us to build functional and cost effective applications that improve connectivity and provide users with a rich, multimedia experience. We create business applications –– from organization tools to connectivity applications –– that are scalable, feature-rich and security enabled to deliver value to users.

As RIM (Research in Motion) Alliance members we have developed applications for the BlackBerry Smartphone, from GPS based applications to maps and web browsers. Whether you require a custom-built application or want to integrate an existing program into the BlackBerry platform, our developers have the expertise to deliver on your requirements.

Benefits of partnering with AttoTel Technologies:

  • Extensive experience in BlackBerry development
  • Proven approach to accelerate product delivery
  • Focus on BlackBerry software product engineering