Symbian Mobile

Extending your online presence into the mobile arena makes sense as statistics show that web usage on mobile devices is steadily increasing as more people worldwide have access to a mobile phone than a PC.

We are able to take your existing website and build a mobile version with features that can be accessed from mobile devices such as the Symbian, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, Samsung Bada, Nokia MeeGo or other Smartphones.

Any mobile web strategy we implement begins with an understanding of your business, your target audience, what you want the site to deliver, and what is the contextual relevance of the site.

The proliferation of “off-the-shelf” web development packages has led many businesses to believe that they can design, develop and implement their own websites, only to discover that they lack the skills and expertise to make them work effectively and that having a successful and profitable web site takes time and a specialized skill set that they do not necessarily have.

Outsourcing your web development project to AttoTel Technologies means that you will have access to professionals that can analyze your business requirements and develop solutions that work for you and give you time to focus on your core business.